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About us

Our Bol Homes team consists of multicultural, motivated and friendly people who share a passion for travelling,
meeting new people, learning foreign languages and having fun.

Years of experience in tourism, countless travels and fulfilling hobbies have led us to become local destination hosts and a team that goes above and beyond of what is expected in order to create the perfect holiday tailored to the personal preferences and criteria of our guests. Tourism is an ever-changing industry and we as a team keep learning and try our best to stay abreast of the latest trends.

We start planning your holiday by asking ourselves how we would like to be treated as guests and spend our perfect day and what the most fascinating thing that we had recently encountered in Bol was. Upon answering our own questions, we ask our guests about their perfect accommodation, preferences and motivation. All these answers combined provide us with the formula for an outstanding holiday. We remain at the disposal of all our guests throughout their holiday and have the edge on our competition because we are familiar with every nook and cranny of the town and island and provide a wide range of services in addition to accommodation, so that our guests could spend more time enjoying their holiday and less time dealing with transportation, excursions and other logistical issues. Each of our offers is tailor-made and all our homes are modern apartments where cleanliness, comfort, practicality and other extra amenities that suit the needs of our guests are up to standard.