Bol is the oldest coastal settlement on the island, situated on the southern Brač coast between Bol crown, Roman gravestone Koštilo and Vidova Gora which is the highest peak of the Adriatic islands. Attractive geographical position and its rich history make this area even more popular. Many signs of historical changes are preserved and visible even after many different governors like: Romans, Slavs, Francs, Bizantinians, Omiš pirates, Venetian Republic, Napoleon, Habsburgs and Yugoslavs.Under the Venetian rule citizens of the Island started moving towards the coast and founding first coastal settlement- our beautiful Bol. Its name was mentioned for the first time in 12th century in some sacral documents. In 1475 Bol was mentioned as a developed small town in the attest document by which peninsula Glavica was given to Dominicans.

Dominican monks supported education, economy and culture. Citizens of the Island were living on agriculture, growing olives, vine, fishing and shipbuilding. In 17th century Bol was a developed town and in its shipbuilding ports there were fifteen ships and it later became the third powerful center on the coast. Throughout the 18th and until 19th century people lived on fishing and vine production until the end of 19th. After phylloxera majority of the vineyards had been destroyed, the citizens moved to foreign countries or were obligated to do other jobs, like tourism in which they have been successful and due to their diligence and hospitality earned a title of tourist champion in several categories more than twenty times.